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TSYS Merchant Solutions - The Green Acquirer

Going green doesn't just mean recycling, it also means helping our customers find more efficient and secure ways to operate. Our green solutions can save your business time and money in your day-to-day activities.

Online Statements & Reporting

Get online reporting and statements through TSYS InfoCenter and TSYS Transaction Summary and To switch from paper to online statements go to

  • Personal Benefits*: Cost reduction, increased efficiencies, flexibility, added security and 24x7 access to your payment data.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces paper, printing and delivery.

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Electronic Check Conversion & ACH Transactions

Convert paper checks to electronic transactions, automate withdrawals for recurring payments or accept checks via the phone or web.

  • Personal Benefits*: Faster payment, less paperwork, single deposits, integrated reporting and flexibility.
  • Environmental Benefits: Fewer trips to the bank to deposit checks, reduction of paper billing and processing.  

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Packaging & Communications

TSYS Merchant Solutions has made efforts to use recycled or partially recycled packaging and no longer re-packages equipment and supplies.

  • Personal Benefits*: Reduced overhead and increased efficiencies, which helps keep your costs down. Information you need is available to you faster and accessible 24x7.
  • Environmental Benefits: Less wasted packaging. We began converting communications and applications to online and email where it is makes sense. To receive emails from TSYS Merchant Solutions simply, send your email address and merchant number to customer service.

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Equipment and Authorizations

Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment is refurbished and reused. We support No Signature Required for applicable card-present transactions where permitted. Our POS equipment includes a customer receipt option, so you do not have to print a receipt if the customer does not want one. Our in-house authorization and settlement platforms are fully redundant and operate on our parent company's fuel cell technology.

  • Personal Benefits*: Reduced cost for equipment.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces waste and releasing harmful plastics into our landfills.  

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smartOne Pay Card

Replaces the need to print paper checks and prevents paying costly check cashing fees. Pay is deposited directly into the card on payday and is replaceable if lost or stolen.

  • Personal Benefits*: Reduced costs, ease of distribution for you and ease of use for employees. Funds are protected for employees.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduced paper expenses; reduces trips to bank by employees to cash their checks.  

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Compliance with Industry Requirements

TSYS Merchant Solutions encourages our customers to be in compliance with the latest industry requirements, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • Personal Benefits*: Maintain your business reputation and your customer's trust. Reduce exposure to unnecessary expenses and extensive fines and recovery periods.
  • Environment Benefits: Compliance violations and data security breaches involve a ton of resources from flights to mounds of paperwork.  

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* TSYS Merchant Solutions does not guarantee or warrant that merchants will achieve reduced costs, increased revenues or increased security.